I was the head baseball coach for the past 12 at Parkland High School. Despite our program’s success, our staff knew changes needed to be made in order to compete for league, district, and state titles in the future. Our staff believed we needed to make changes in our off-season program. As a result, we hired Chad to run our conditioning program.

Chad did an outstanding job over the last five years he worked with us, designing and implementing a program focusing on our athlete’s flexibility, speed, explosive strength, core stability, cardiovascular endurance, and nutritional needs. Chad continually changed the program to keep it interesting and challenging for our athletes. Their flexibility, strength, and speed have improved after just one off-season. I believe the benefits are not only physical but mental as well. Chad’s program helped develop a mental toughness and confidence in our players. Athletes are getting bigger, stronger, and faster, and Chad’s program helped develop our players in all three areas. What I like most about Chad’s program is that there are no hidden agendas. He is truly interested in the athletes he works with. Chad found the time to get to know each of players despite having over 50 participants many nights. He even developed an in-season maintenance program for us to follow.

It was a great experience working with Chad during the off-season and pre-season, and I can confidently say he has been a part of our championships over the years. I am excited to see the development of our players after working with Chad for several years.
-Tony Galucy: Head Baseball Coach Parkland High School

This is my 7th year as a head high school coach, and the best decision I’ve ever made was acquiring Chad Waelchli and CW Fitness Inc. to train our Bangor Boys Basketball team. In the past year, the results from our players who have dedicated themselves to this program are remarkable. Not only are we faster and stronger but also we are more confident. Our guys question if we go a few days without a workout: “Coach, is Chad coming today?” When they get results and look and feel good, kids want to go in the weight room.

Having played Division I basketball and been trained by Pat Croce, I know how the field of Sports Performance Training has changed over the last 20 years. Quite simply, it’s a science, and Chad is our scientist. From nutrition, agility, speed, power, recovery, injury prevention, to core stability, Chad covers it all with our athletes.

As a former athlete, I’m envious and wish I would have had the opportunity to be exposed to Chad’s style of training. As a head coach, it is refreshing to have another coach on the staff. He’is part of our staff, and our players treat him as such. All professional and college teams have full-time strength coaches/trainers. At the high school level we can’not recruit so our success is dependent on talent development. Few high school teams have strength and conditioning coaches. Chad, I’d like to personally thank you. Your level of expertise and proven results are evident. What might not be evident to others is how much you care about our athletes by showing up for summer league games, coming to our regular season games, or contacting us to see how a player is doing. Thank you for your dedication to our team.
– Bron Holland: Bangor High School Boys Basketball

I had never really worked out or lifted weights in my life before I
started with Chad Waechli. After just a few months spent with Chad,
the results were showing. He will push you to keep getting yourself
better, while maintaining a positive, fun going attitude. I highly
recommend CW-Fitness to any athlete that wants to better themselves
for the future.
– Matt Hurd: Parkland High School Baseball

Chad Waelchli has helped me reach my fullest potential not only physically, but also mentally. Working with Chad throughout the summer was great. His knowledge and the way he runs his program is exactly what the top athletes in the Lehigh Valley and beyond need in order to succeed at the next level. Currently being a college pitcher, I feel more confident physically and mentally when I step on the mound. There is only one reason for that, it’s the level of knowledge, intensity, and over all character of Chad and his workouts that will set me apart from other pitchers. I would recommend Chad to any baseball player and athlete wanting to get the most out of themselves.
– Casey Cooperman: Bloomsburg University Baseball

Chad has helped my team and me in ways I cannot describe. He has taken us to the next level physically which has led to further success in our program. Working out with him is something the girls and I look forward to because even though it is hard work, he finds a way to make it fun. Chad is not only a great coach but an even better person. He supported us at various games this past season and never gave up on us. A great part of our success is due to his training.
– Sarah Colton: Lebanon Valley College/Bangor High School (Girls Basketball)

Alex Bastinelli | Lock Haven University Women's SoccerChad Waelchli’s tireless effort in helping me reach my goals goes above and beyond the call of duty. Through his excellent program setup, I have not only developed physically, but I have a positive attitude and a strong sense of self-esteem. Even though his workouts are tough mentally and physically, it has been a great experience working with Chad. He definitely has the heart and determination to make you a better athlete and bring you to the next level. Chad’s coaching ability was one of the reasons I conquered one of my goals of playing soccer at the collegiate level
– Alex Bastinelli: DeSales University Women’s Soccer

Our daughter Sydney, 11, has been a catcher for two years but needed to go to the next level because of playing on a tournament team. We heard about Chad through a clinic he was conducting. Immediately Sydney was responsive to his style and was not only going through the fundamentals of catching but also learning more advanced techniques.

After the clinic we inquired about having Chad coach Sydney privately. They have been meeting once a week for about 6 weeks. Sydney has improved dramatically with her catching ability. The best part is that she feels very comfortable with Chad and has no problems asking him for help or to explain something to her. Chad breaks things down in ways that makes it easy for Sydney to take it back to the field for practice and games.

We are very happy with what Sydney has accomplished in a very short time and would have no problem recommending Chad to anyone who is looking for assistance in getting his or her catcher to the next level.
– Chris and Kris Stibitz: (Northern Valley Cyclones)

Bangor Boys BasketballWe as a team are having the best season we have had in 20 plus years, and are all in shape thanks to you.
– Andrew Itterly – Bangor High School Boys Basketball

I have been playing softball for about 5 years and never seemed to have any problems with hitting the ball or receiving a pitch behind the plate. When I started working with Chad 2 or 3 times a week, however, I quickly noticed improvements. In about a month my coaches were already coming up to me and complementing my hitting and the way the ball flew off the bat with so much more power. Chad helped me get away from my bad habits and assisted me in developing a short, compact swing that can hit any pitch that comes across the plate. My hitting abilities have tremendously advanced. Chad and I have also worked on many catching tactics including blocking balls, framing pitches, and throwing runners out. I see the ball differently now and I am able to react so much quicker. My throw-downs have also greatly improved; my feet move a lot faster and the ball jets down to the base. Chad not only shows me the mechanics of softball, but also helps me keep my skills consistent. However, Chad is much more than just a softball coach. He helps me follow my dreams. He keeps practices fun and my mind focused. He clearly wants what’s best for me as a player. Chad works with me to accomplish my goals and I am very grateful to work with him!
– Sarah Karmosky: Parkland High School

Before working with Chad, I batted at the bottom of the order for my team. I barely got one hit per game. That was until I met Chad Waelchli. I started to see amazing changes in my swing after the first few lessons. He not only helped me with my swing, but my confidence as well. Chad is a baseball coach, friend, and a role model. During my lessons I learn new things, and I have fun doing it. This past baseball season I was hitting at the top of the order with almost a .400 batting average. I not only noticed the difference in my hitting, but my coaches and teammates did as well. Chad attended many of my games to cheer me on and give me advice after the game. Taking hitting lessons with Chad was one of the best things I ever did, and the changes that happened to my swing were incredible. He has really helped me change my baseball career.
– Brandon Evans – Parkland High School Baseball/ Soccer

Jensen Appleman | Liberty High SchoolOver the summer, I noticed that I wasn’t hitting as well as I used to. My swing didn’t feel right and I knew I needed to do something about it. One of my teammates recommended Chad and told me that he helped her hitting a lot. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose, and I started lessons with him. Chad taught me the right swing mechanics and helped me tremendously. Since I have been working with him, my bat speed increased, as well as my confidence. I have noticed so many changes in how I hit, and, thanks to Chad, I know I have a great softball season ahead of me.
– Jensen Appleman: Liberty High School

Hey thanks a bunch Chad. I was talking to my coach the other night and I told him that I was working out all summer and he said that was probably the difference from me making the team and not making it. Thanks again for all your help.
– Dan Miller: RIT Ice Hockey

Last year I noticed one of my teammates hitting had changed drastically, I commented on how well she was doing, and she told me she had been taking hitting lessons with an instructor. I was immediately interested. Since then, I have been taking hitting lessons with Chad for about a year. Chad has taught me to have the same mechanics on every swing, confidence at the plate, hit the ball where it is pitched, and so much more. These lessons have made me more confident when batting, increasing my power and average.
– Erin Wilson – Liberty High School

Jake Rosenblatt | Parkland High SchoolChad, Just wanted to let you know, the workouts done this off season have really set me off on the right foot for the baseball season. The various drills and lifts have clearly helped develop strength as well as agility and quickness. Going into my crucial Junior year i feel like im in tip top shape to succeed at the varsity level. Thanks again for all your help.
– Jake Rosenblatt – Parkland High School

Not only has Chad helped me become stronger individually, but he has already made a huge impact on our baseball team at Parkland High School. I believe that Chad has made everyone work harder and has put us in great shape to start the season. Chad is always telling us what we need to do to win, and I think it’s great that he wants us to win and have a successful program. Chad has not only worked hard with us physically, but he is a great person to talk to and I have learned a lot from him. It is my goal to play baseball at the highest level I possibly can, and Chad is really helping me reach my potential. Even when he is not around, I am able to have a great workout at my house with the drills he has provided me.
– Nick Rabasco – Parkland High School

Thanks for everything. Last year I played every inning behind the plate for my team. Thanks for everything you taught me!
– Ryan Basta

Chad helped me develop my speed, quickness, strength, jumping ability, and conditioning. Without him, I would have never been able to run a 13:15 2 mile run. Chad pushed me to limits that I would have never pushed myself on my own. Chad was always there for me when I needed it. He was not only physically tough on me, but also mentally tough as well. He put my mind and body in the right state that it needed to be in to play basketball at the collegiate level.
– Mike Weinert: Moravian College Men’s Basketball

For the longest time I always thought of myself as in shape, that is until Chad’s program came along. This program completely kicked my butt in the best way possible. With this program I pushed limits with my team and also individually. Without the help of Chad I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish half of what I did. He was always there pushing us to his expectations but it was never over the limit of what we could do. He believed in us which in turn made me believe in myself. Chad’s program gave me the strength and endurance to literally climb mountains with ease. All this time I’ve considered myself an athlete but I realized you aren’t truly an athlete until you work with Chad and do his CW Fitness program. It sticks to the slogan and I can definitely wear the CW Fitness shirt with pride. Physically and mentally I’ve been in the best shape I’ve ever been in and I owe most of it too this program.
– Mya Roberson: Bangor High School Girls Basketball/Track and Field

Just wanted to let you know how pleased everyone was with the catcher’s clinic from the feedback I got and my own observation. I understand some people have or will be working with you on their own, which is great.

Erin got a call tonight from the Liberty’s Head Coach, telling her he was moving her up to varsity starting tomorrow, in addition to her pitching, her over all ability. Thanks for being part of her training to get her to this level as a freshman.
– Ross Wilson: Northwest Explosion Softball

We first met Chad when he was the head performance coach at a local sports performance training facility. Chad worked with us on speed, agility, and other strength training drills that made us better athletes. One baseball season, Zach was struggling with his swing and noticed one of his fellow teammates has significantly improved his swing. He asked what he had done and he told Zach that he has been training with Chad. Over the summer of 2008 both of us began working on hitting with Chad. By the fall baseball season, we saw tremendous results. We have seen an increase in power and average. We will never regret working with Chad.
– Matt and Zach Tulio – Parkland High School

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