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CW Fitness Inc. Official Tee Shirt $15

Item# Description UofM Price
16A601 Agility Ladder each $39.00

16A2201 Mini Ladder (set of 3) set $48.00

16A2301 Speed Rungs (12/set) set $33.00

16B1605 Deluxe Speed Rings (12/set) set $30.00

16A2101 Mirror Belt each $13.50

16A1701 Resistance Chute (15 lbs of resistance) each $45.00

16A2001 XL Resistance Chute (30 lbs of resistance) each $54.00

16A1901 Xplosion Bands (3/set) set $13.50

16A1101 Ankle Speed Bands each $27.00

16A806 6″ Yellow Speed Hurdles (4/set) set $42.00

16A809 9″ Red Speed Hurdles (4/set) set $48.00

16A812 12″ Blue Speed Hurdles (4/set) set $51.00

16A815 15″ Orange Speed Hurdles (4/set) set $57.00

16A1406 6″ Yellow Bulk Speed Hurdles (12/box) box $105.00

16A1409 9″ Red Bulk Speed Hurdles (12/box) box $112.50

16A1412 12″ Blue Bulk Speed Hurdles (12/box) box $120.00

16A1415 15″ Orange Bulk Speed Hurdles (12/box) box $142.50

16A2316 Multi-Size Speed Hurdle Pack (4 each size) pack $187.50

16A1601 Wobble Pillow each $27.00

16A911 Player Speed Kit kit $150.00

16A1602 2 lb. Medicine Ball each $18.00

16A1604 4 lb. Medicine Ball each $21.00

16A1606 6 lb. Medicine Ball each $24.00

16A1608 8 lb. Medicine Ball each $28.50

16B1001 Yellow Coaching Sticks (6/set) set $75.00

16B1011 Red Coaching Sticks (6/set) set $75.00

16B1041 Blue Coaching Sticks (6/set) set $75.00

16B1581 Yellow Universal Coaching Sticks (6/set) set $112.50

16B1511 Red Universal Coaching Sticks (6/set) set $112.50

16B1541 Blue Universal Coaching Sticks (6/set) set $112.50

16B2281 Yellow Premier Coaching Sticks w/ Black Bases (6/set) set $142.50

16B2211 Red Premier Coaching Sticks w/ Black Bases (6/set) set $142.50

16B2241 Blue Premier Coaching Sticks w/ Black Bases (6/set) set $142.50

16B2981 Elite Coaching Sticks (9 elliptical poles, 6 bases, 6 clips/set) set $202.50

16B1201 60″ Coaching Stick Hurldes (3 hurdle sticks, 6 clips/set) set $49.50

16B3101 30″ Coaching Stick Hurdles (6 hurdle sticks, 12 clips/set) set $45.00

10B3801 Swivel Clips (24/pack) pack $30.00

16B1301 Coaching Sticks Performance Pack (18 coaching sticks, pack $397.50
9 hurdle sticks, 18 clips/pack) #REF!

16B1701 Universal Coaching Sticks Performance Pack (18 coaching pack $390.00
sticks, 9 hurdle sticks, 18 clips, 18 hollow bases/pack) #REF!

16B206 Premier Universal Bases (6/set) set $108.00

6A1001 Red Small Disc Cones (25/pack) pack $13.13

6A1011 Orange Small Disc Cones (25/pack) pack $13.13

6A1004 Blue Small Disc Cones (25/pack) pack $13.13

6A1008 Yellow Small Disc Cones (25/pack) pack $13.13

6A1301 Red Jumbo Disc Cones (12/pack) pack $24.75

6A1311 Orange Jumbo Disc Cones (12/pack) pack $24.75

6A1304 Blue Jumbo Disc Cones (12/pack) pack $24.75

6A1308 Yellow Jumbo Disc Cones (12/pack) pack $24.75

6A501 Cone and Carry Package (75 small disc cones, 12 9″ practice pack $60.00
cones/pack) #REF!
6A6011 6″ Practice Cones (12/pack) pack $13.50

6A9011 9″ Practice Cones (12/pack) pack $16.50

16A2401 Flat Oval Markers (12/pack) pack $22.50

5B1406 Cone Carry Bag (BAG ONLY) each $15.00

PS-6 Strap Cone Carrier each $3.75

6B2 Disc Cone Carrier each $7.50

5B1301 White Jumbo Equipment Bag each $16.50

5B1306 Black Jumbo Equipment Bag each $16.50

5B1307 Red Jumbo Equipment Bag each $16.50

5B1201 Red Equipment Bag each $7.50

5B1202 White Equipment Bag each $7.50

5B1204 Royal Equipment Bag each $7.50

5B502 White Equipment Sack each $11.25

5B504 Royal Equipment Sack each $11.25

5B508 Gold Equipment Sack each $11.25

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