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2009 Colonial League Champs! Bangor Lady Slaters

CW Fitness Inc. programs have been beneficial for high school athletic programs and their athletes. After a brief two and a half month CW Fitness Inc. pre-season, sports performance training program, the 2009 Bangor High School Girls Basketball Team improved, … Continue reading

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Congratulations Parkland Baseball 2011

Congratulations to PHS baseball on winning the Lehigh Valley Conference Championship! Great season guys! Looking forward to winter workouts!

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Bangor Basketball

Great Spring Off-Season training teams! Bangor Boys Basketball teams will begin their off-season summer team games and training programs beginning the first week in June. Congratulations on fantastic 2010-2011 seasons.

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Dynamic Warm-Up and its Effects on Injury Prevention and Muscle Fiber Size Preservation

Dynamic Warm- Up, including active mobility exercises and transit exercises (multiplanar) is the best way to shunt blood to the perphery from the core, and properly prepare the body for exercise and sport performance. Dynamic warm- up maintains muscle integrity … Continue reading

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Detraining. What is it? How to prevent it.

Detraining is a term used to describe decrements in strength, power, and stamina associated with periods of non-training or prolonged rest periods throughout the training cycle. In addition, the absence of training can also lead to an increased risk of … Continue reading

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Benefits of In-Season Training

In-season training programs are necessary components of the year round training cycle in the development of athletes and athletic performance. An in-season training program maintains muscle mass and strength achieved during the off-season regimen and assists maintaining joint integrity and … Continue reading

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Alcohol: Use and abuse and its effects on performance

Alcohol (Ethanol) is the oldest and most used and abused recreational drug around the world amongst adults, athletes, and even teen athletes. Alcohol is a leading cause of death among teenagers. It contributes to adolescent motor vehicle crashes, injuries, suicide, … Continue reading

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