Dynamic Warm-Up and its Effects on Injury Prevention and Muscle Fiber Size Preservation

Dynamic Warm- Up, including active mobility exercises and transit exercises (multiplanar) is the best way to shunt blood to the perphery from the core, and properly prepare the body for exercise and sport performance. Dynamic warm- up maintains muscle integrity and fiber size, while taking the joints and limbs through range of motion activities that mimic the movement patters the body will partake in during the training program. Static stretching, stretches that are held for 10-30 seconds at a time, elongate the muscles fibers, thus hindering their ability to contract. This limits their ability to generate force, which can last anywhere from 30min- 1hour based on the individual. It is dangerous to static stretch a cold muscle because damage can be done to the muscle and surrounding joint capsule. Static stretching is recommended post workout to help cool the body down and increase in range of motion.

Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS, SPARQ

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