Benefits of In-Season Training

In-season training programs are necessary components of the year round training cycle in the development of athletes and athletic performance. An in-season training program maintains muscle mass and strength achieved during the off-season regimen and assists maintaining joint integrity and reducing joint related stress injuries. The in-season program includes varying intensity levels and shorter durations (lower volume) of training. The program focuses on improving weaknesses and maintenance of strength, power, and conditioning levels of athletes. An in-season program emphasizes skill related components and strength training that enhances muscle recovery, decreases levels of fatigue from competition, and helps keep the athletes healthy throughout the entire season. Emphasis on sport specific skill techniques increase dramatically while levels of physical conditioning decrease proportionally.

Failure to partake in an in-season program can lead to decreased levels of muscular strength, endurance, and power, decreased flexibility of the body, a significant reduction in sport specific conditioning, and an increased risk of injury. At CW Fitness Inc., we provide an array of sport specific exercise modalities for maintaining peak performance

Chad Waelchli MS, CSCS, SPARQ

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